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DateCall #Call TypeStationAddressUnitsURL
2016-10-26 16:08:24161004818MVA-UNK INJURYPRO8720 HALL/8700 SCHOLLS FERRYC5, E53Open Call
2016-10-26 15:13:25163000843TRF ACC, NON-INJB38720 HALL/8700 SCHOLLS FERRY5235Open Call
2016-10-05 07:44:26161000740UNCONS/UNRESPONSPRO8720 HALL/8700 SCHOLLS FERRYMED53, MW31Open Call
2016-09-23 10:04:27162670475HAZARDB38720 HALL/8700 SCHOLLS FERRY6816Open Call
2016-09-22 17:23:34162661045HAZARDB38720 HALL/8700 SCHOLLS FERRY6347Open Call
2016-08-29 17:03:28160805888MVA-INJURY ACCIDPRO8720 HALL/8700 SCHOLLS FERRYE53, MW28Open Call
2016-08-26 14:09:19160805176MVA-UNK INJURYPRO8720 HALL/8700 SCHOLLS FERRYCAR66, MED53Open Call
2016-07-23 21:50:34162051140HAZARDB38720 HALL/8700 SCHOLLS FERRYLOG2Open Call
2016-07-16 17:21:32161980765HAZARDB38720 HALL/8700 SCHOLLS FERRYOpen Call
2016-07-13 17:58:08161951108*BLOCKINGB38720 HALL/8700 SCHOLLS FERRY2211, 2212, 6339Open Call
2016-07-09 12:27:37160701523MVA-INJURY ACCIDPRO8720 HALL/8700 SCHOLLS FERRYE53, METWA, MW51Open Call
2016-07-07 16:55:07161890984TRF ACC, NON-INJB38720 HALL/8700 SCHOLLS FERRY6341Open Call
2016-06-21 16:34:50161730970HAZARDB38720 HALL/8700 SCHOLLS FERRYLOG2Open Call
2016-06-04 13:03:28161560600*BLKG*B38720 HALL/8700 SCHOLLS FERRY6232, 6248Open Call
2016-05-03 15:06:22160500493SICK PERSON C1PRO8720 HALL/8700 SCHOLLS FERRYCAR66, E53, METWC, MW56Open Call
2016-04-15 15:37:15161060907HAZARDB38720 HALL/8700 SCHOLLS FERRY6143Open Call
2016-04-07 13:35:54160980752TRF ACC, NON-INJB38720 HALL/8700 SCHOLLS FERRY6135Open Call
2016-03-12 13:38:14160720551HAZARDB38720 HALL/8700 SCHOLLS FERRYOpen Call
2016-03-10 08:17:44160700279TRF ACC, NON-INJB38720 HALL/8700 SCHOLLS FERRY6139Open Call
2016-02-20 19:28:14160511065TRF ACC, NON-INJB38720 HALL/8700 SCHOLLS FERRY6248Open Call
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